Interminable Marriage is Condoned in Virginia

In my view, Allen v. Allen, Record No. 1702-15-4 (VA Ct. App., August 30, 2016), misses a major public policy issue and then misconstrues the parties’ separation agreement. Husband breaches an agreement to stay married for 20 years. He obtains a much earlier divorce from the trial court. I. The Co

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Hague Convention “Habitual Residence” Newly Defined by Virginia Court of Appeals, But It Points to Korea

Coe v. Coe, Record No. 0854–15–4, decided on July 26 2016, adopts the U.S. Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit definition of habitual residence for purposes of the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Habitual residence is not defined in the Hague Convention, but in Vi

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Niblett Explains the Inseparable Nature of Voluntary Impoverishment and Imputed Income

In Niblett, the father is convicted of sex with a minor, goes to prison, and becomes unemployed. (Niblett v. Niblett, Virginia Ct. App. Record No. 0716-15-1, December 15, 2015). In prison, he has no income. The trial judge finds him to be voluntarily impoverished but imputes no income, ruling that i

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DIRECTV and Why You Cannot Sue

DIRECTV v. Imburgia, et al., (14-462, decided December 14, 2015) is a six to three U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision holding, essentially, that if the nation’s largest retailers (purveyors of cable TV, cell phone service, rental cars and the like) attempt to prohibit class actions in their

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“Alcoholic” new Husband Cripples Spouse’s Visitation

Salvato v. Salvato (Record No. 0399-15-4, September 15, 2015) is a troubling unpublished Virginia Court of Appeals decision about parenting restrictions for the ostensible purpose of shielding children from a mother’s “alcoholic” new spouse. The opinion mentions no time that the ne

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