We promote new businesses through fixed fees for legal and incorporation services. Olivier Denier Long developed the following procedures through 30 years of experience, and presents them here only as a suggested guideline.

  1. Develop and Approve a Mission Statement
  2. Conduct a Market Analysis or Hold Focus Groups to Determine the Viability of the Contemplated Enterprise
  3. Select a Law Firm, Accountant and Insurance Agent
  4. Identify, Select and Reserve a Corporate Name
  5. Identify and Select Officers
  6. Identify and Select Board of Directors
  7. Develop and Approve a Written Financial Plan / Budget for Capital and Operating Costs
  8. Develop and Approve a Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Plan — Short Range / Long Range
  9. Develop and Approve a Capitalization / Borrowing / Credit / Debt Service Plan and Cash Flow Plan
  10. Develop and Approve Income Projections
  11. Develop and Approve Buy-Sell Agreement Among Stockholders
  12. Develop and Approve the Reimbursement for Expenses and Time Worked by Officers and Consultants before Incorporation
  13. Develop and Approve Compensation and Benefits Plan for Officers / Employees / Consultants
  14. Develop and Approve Selection of Financial Advisor
  15. Develop and Approve By Laws or L.L.C. Operating Agreement
  16. Develop and Approve Areas of Responsibilities for Each Officer Including Job Descriptions and Employment Contracts
  17. Develop and Approve a Written Tax Plan / Subchapter S Plan / Section 1244, I.R.C. Plan
  18. Develop and Approve a Section 351, I.R.C. Property Transfer Plan
  19. Approve Issuance of Stock
  20. Select Date for Annual Meeting of Shareholders / Directors
  21. Select and Approve Corporate Book / Seal
  22. Approve Pre-incorporation Acts of Officers
  23. Approve and Acquire Banking Procedures, and Check Signing Authority
  24. Identify all Patents, Trademarks, Service Marks or Copyrights Required to be Registered or Purchased
  25. Identify and Approve Location of Office / Offices and Secure Certificate of Occupancy
  26. Secure Written Lease on Favorable Terms
  27. Identify and Apply for all Licenses Required by Government
  28. Identify and Analyze all Governmental Regulations which Affect Business
  29. Register to Do Business in all States where Business Activity is Sought; and
  30. Develop Employee and Company Evaluation Plan, Quarterly Reports and Stockholders’ Annual Report Format