Former Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York (whom I blogged about so critically on March 16, 2008) had the comparable moral “decency” to have _consensual_ sexual relations when he allegedly bedded a prostitute at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. We may not be able to say as much of International Monetary Fund (“IMF”) Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn (“DSK”). DSK is accused this week of attempting to force sex upon a chambermaid in his suite at a luxury Times Square hotel in New York City.

DSK may have had good reason not to wait until he was elected president of France. But if he did, the reason escapes me. You see, before the criminal charges this week, the press had reported DSK to be the frontrunner among candidates to unseat French president Nicolas Sarkozy. This would have allowed DSK to serve geographically alongside Prime Minister Sylvio Berlusconi of Italy. Together, they had the portent of being a revolting “passion” statement. In all fairness to Mr. Berlusconi, however, I should point out that he is not alleged to have paid a minor for sex until _after_ becoming leader of his country.

If it is shown that the president of Italy was able to defer gratification, why the big hurry, DSK? Were you on such an ego trip running the IMF that an opportunity to rough up a low-wage immigrant worker _before_ becoming president of France wasn’t worth postponing for a New York minute?

Speaking of worth, I read in the press that the rack rate for DSK’s living room – bedroom – conference room combo on the penultimate floor of this five-star French-company-owned hotel was $3,000.00 a night. (Although DSK is married, it seems he may have left his wife in Washington during last weekend’s junket. I see parallel structure: When we were told former Governor Spitzer came to D.C. for sex, he apparently left his wife in New York. In retrospect these two “super-stars” might have just traded wives and homes.)

Last Saturday afternoon, May 14, 2011, the day it was reported a naked DSK chased a 33-year old hotel employee across his suite, physically assaulted her, attempted sex, and sought fellatio; a round trip first class from New York to Paris was 10,887 Euros, or $7,700.00 one-way. I read that DSK was in a first class seat when Port Authority officers removed him from his plane at JFK.

Think about this: In just 48 hours, not counting meals, drinks, tax, tips and transfers, the Sofitel suite and the Air France ticket added up to nearly $11,000.00. Good grief! How much does this purported titan of international finance spend when he’s with his wife? Maybe 62-year-old DSK really was full of himself — allegedly walking out of his hotel bathroom into his hotel bedroom without any clothes and pouncing upon a 32-year-old chambermaid.

Defense counsel announced today that DSK has an iron-clad alibi: He was having lunch with his daughter. Give me a break! Don’t you know about hotel video cams and electronic room keys? You can’t fake the time you entered or left your room.

So many facts reported in the press, if proven, would make me a poor candidate for jury duty at this trial:

A newspaper reports DSK forgot his cell phone. This harkens back to the “perfect” Chicago murder committed by Leopold and Loeb in 1924, except for one of them leaving behind a pair of eyeglasses. What kind of an idiot leaves his cell phone at the scene of a crime? Imagine if it were not password-protected, and the first thing a police detective saw on the calendar was Air France to Paris, 6:45 PM?

Someone who traveled to JFK with DSK is quoted as saying Strauss-Kahn appeared to be in a big hurry. Why the hurry, DSK?

DSK may have had prior incidents of sexual misconduct. One allegedly involved another IMF employee, for which DSK apologized. Another is a woman who claims to have not filed charges in the past out of respect for DSK’s position, but may be doing so now.

I know, I know. Just because someone did something in the past does not mean they’ve done it again. But all this sure seems like a smoking gun.

[17 May 2011: The Wall Street Journal reports that DSK only paid $800.00 for the $3,000.00 suite, and that the money came from him and not his employer.]

[19 May 2011: DSK resigns from his position as head of the International Monetary Fund.]