Eagles, geese and beavers mate for life. Humans usually mate for less time and appear to be serially monogamous, meaning they are generally faithful in relationships but are frequently not in the same relationship forever.
Most divorces among humans appear to result from one spouse unilaterally seeking a “better” situation.

My family law practice includes spousal abuse, pre-marital agreements, living together agreements, divorce, separation and property settlement agreements, custody, alimony and child support.

Equitable distribution is the fair division of assets and debts according to statutory guidelines. In Virginia, the criteria are set forth at VA Code §20-107.3 (E).

Most of my work is uncontested divorce, for which I charge a flat fee. I emphasize promptness and efficiency.

Legal fees in family law cases are flat fees or an hourly rate.

Uncontested Divorce Property Settlement Agreement Negotiation of a Property Settlement Agreement Contested Divorce
MD $* $* Your hourly rate will depend on your financial need, your chances of recovering fees from your spouse, and the complexity of your case.
DC $* $*
VA $*
  • Legal Fees are quoted to you after you complete and return the Family Law Questionnaire. Reviewing the Questionnaire before suggesting fees permits us to determine how complicated your case may be. It allows us to decide if you qualify for a discount from my regular rates based on financial need. Clients are always responsible for filing fees and other out-of-pocket expenses.

    The most important thing about my attorney-client relationship is the confidence you place in us. This personal comfort level has nothing to do with money. We want you to feel assured that you have retained someone competent, efficient and determined who cares about you and your goals.

  • * We offer Flat Fees for Uncontested Divorce, Property Settlement Agreements, and Pre-Marital Agreements).
  • ª In Virginia, if you are divorcing under the “six month” statute, you must have no minor children of the marriage, and a written property settlement agreement signed by both of you. In such a case, I offer to handle the uncontested divorce and the uncontested property settlement agreement for an economical package price.

    If you have minor children of the marriage or lack a written support and property settlement agreement, you must wait one year to file for divorce — unless you are seeking a divorce based upon adultery, sodomy, buggery, or

    … either of the parties subsequent to the marriage has been convicted of a felony, sentenced to confinement for more than one year and confined for such felony subsequent to such conviction, and cohabitation has not been resumed after knowledge of such confinement …

    In such circumstances, there is no waiting time before you may file for divorce. VA Code §20-91.

  • These are the forms used in Fairfax County Family Law cases, commencing in July 2003.

Key Benefits

  • Empathy
    • We care about the welfare of my clients. That is why clients receive my home and cellular telephone numbers upon request, and usually receive a return telephone call the same business day.

  • Minimizing Emotional Trauma
    • We know Family Law can be traumatic. We do everything possible to explain each step of the process in detail, including what may be expected and how long it may take. It is important you have confidence in us. We know it may be difficult for you to trust others if you are a victim of abuse. We make referrals to therapists wherever I feel it is appropriate. We recognize not all issues can be handled by my office.
    • Olivier Denier Long received a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development from the University of Chicago in 1973. The course of study included infancy, adolescence, adulthood and gerontology. Course requirements included psychology, sociology, biology, anthropology and statistics.

  • State of the Art Representation
    • I am technologically proficient. For example, all Virginia divorce, custody, and support forms are stored electronically. When I enter data, software performs the calculations and presents the results on forms used by the court. The Virginia Code, Rules of Procedure and Case Law are available electronically as well. We scan important incoming mail and forward it to clients as a PDF attachment to e-mail. Your situation will be handled in the most rapid and cost-efficient technological environment possible.

  • Practice Concentrates in Divorce, Custody and Child and Spousal Support
    • More than half of my fees are generated by Family Law cases. In Virginia, if either party is a resident for six months, a divorce may be handled in any city or county unless the other side objects. Thus, you could be as far away from my office as Roanoke or Virginia Beach and still benefit from my affordable flat-fee Uncontested Divorce package. We have experience with the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction, too.
    • We handle divorce cases in Montgomery, Frederick, Howard and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland. Our practice in Virginia includes Arlington County, the City of Alexandria, Fairfax County, Fauquier County, Loudoun County, Prince William County and Spotsylvania County.

Documents on Specific Family Law Issues

  • Click here to read recent Virginia court opinions on family law along with my comments.
  • If you would like an Initial Office Conference or an Opinion by Telephone, Iask that you please complete and return my Family Law Questionnaire. It is available in PDF and Word document formats. The PDF needs to be printed out and filled out by hand in black ink and faxed to my office. The Word version can be completed on your screen and returned as an e-mail attached file.
  • Parent Encouragement Program (PEP) Parenting Classes – view the schedule here.
  • Are you interested in a Pre-Marital Agreement? Click here.
  • If your matter involves Child or Spousal Support, please fill out a financial statement and fax it back to us, along with your most recent pay stub.
  • If you are seeking a Virginia Divorce, download the VS-4 form, fill it out, and fax it back to us at. I need this before I can file your case.
  • If you are seeking a divorce in Fairfax County Circuit Court, click
    here to review the case management program used.
  • Professor Linda Waite of the University of Chicago lectured December 4, 2002 on marriage, divorce, and cohabitation in the United States. Her thesis is that married people are happier and healthier and live longer. Read the notes from this fascinating lecture.
  • Adverse consequences of single parenting, based on a new longitudinal study in Sweden, and Mr. Long’s article in the Fairfax Bar Journal.
  • The Virginia State Bar Association publishes brief brochures on various family law issues. The following may be of interest:

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