Olivier Denier Long, Attorney at Law, and his business, EZ Justice PLC, are pleased to
offer the Washington Metro Area legal representation in discrimination cases. This practice
over the last twenty-five years has focused primarily on issues of race and national origin
in Federal employment.


  • We usually handle discrimination cases at our regular hourly rate. A typical EEOC hearing before an administrative judge might be $5,000.00 including costs. But fee adjustments may be available based on your financial situation, and based on the quality of your case. In many discrimination cases, it is possible to recover attorney fees and expenses from the other side if you win.
  • The first step is to e-mail us the form at the bottom of this page. We will contact you without cost or obligation.
  • In considering whether to represent you, we would like to review all the documents pertaining to the alleged discrimination. These documents will be returned to you should either we or you decide not to proceed with an attorney client relationship.
  • References are available. Please let us know when you send the response form whether you wish to contact discrimination clients regarding the quality of legal service they have received.


Olivier Denier Long has been handling EEOC cases since the late 1970’s. He was general
counsel for the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees (NBCFAE) for over a
decade, including the infamous Professional Air Traffic Controllers Association (PATCO) strike.

He has also represented the Professional Women Controllers (PWC). NBCFAE and PWC are both
employee organizations within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


All cases are different, and depend on the facts and law applicable to a
particular situation. Just because a result was obtained in one case does not assure
the same outcome is possible in your circumstances.