Undoubtedly, the Talx Corporation’s business purpose is to minimize unemployment compensation for employer-clients. Big banks and hedge funds turned complex structured finance or their own debt into assets and cash flow by foregoing adequate capital reserves, and in some cases by utilizing manipulative accounting. Commercial pilots select the route and altitude consuming the least fuel. Perdue® conducts a deep-pocketed counter-attack against law students and legal clinics in Maryland. The People’s Republic of China defends the renminbi. Venezuela jails perceived political threats like Judge Maria Lourdes Afiuni. 

Exploitation of pathways to profit and sustainability is expected conduct. There may or may not be something we can or want to do about it. But we should not be shocked by the motive.  Large institutions and governments regularly utilize laws, loopholes or raw power to maximize revenue or safeguard their own existence. This is natural selection writ large. Mainstream processes occur in fairly predictable fashion and advantage the perpetrators. The less adept perish or get rescued.

News makers can be catalysts for change. The Most Reverend Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, declared this week that the Catholic Church in Ireland has lost all credibility. In any institution, it takes courage to admit fault and even more to achieve reform.