You may pay us by credit card using PayPal®.

Pay Pal is a commercial service on the Web for paying bills. It is located at

In order to use PayPal to transfer money to Mr. Long, you will need to go to the website and create your own account. Then you will need to use your account to send money to Mr. Long at the appropriate account.

PayPal uses e-mail addresses as account identifiers. Because crawlers are constantly harvesting webpages for e-mail address, we do not openly post our payment addresses. Rather, we use a script, so that when you click a link below, your browser will open a draft e-mail with the account address built in. Please click the appropriate link, and use the address created in the resulting e-mail to direct your PayPal payment or deposit to the correct account. Creating the e-mail is just a tool to deliver the address to you. You will not need to actually send the e-mail.

Here are our destination addresses for sending us money using PayPal:
Retainer or Funds Account (Money Owed in the Future): If you are paying us money in advance, this is called a funds balance or retainer. Please contact Mr. Long for the correct address to send funds to.

Operating Account (Money Owed Now): If you are paying us money that you owe us for legal services already performed, or out-of pocket expenses already incurred, please contact Mr. Long for the correct address to send funds to.

PayPal charges a fee for the transfer of money via their service. We will credit you back the PayPal fees assessed on money you send us using PayPal.

(We also accept personal checks and cash.)

If you need help from PayPal, you may reach them at:

Paypal Customer Service Phone: 1-877-6-PAYPAL or 650.566.3645 9AM-5PM PST
Paypal Customer Service E-Mail:
Paypal Fax: 650.566.3646