Group Dynamics of Simple Cells and Lesser Mammals

 “It is well established that single cells respond to physiological stress on their own, cell by cell. Now we’ve shown this is not the case when individual cells become organized to form a multicellular organism. Now it is all for one — an integrated system where the cells and tissues only respond to stress when the neuronal signal says to respond as an organism.”

 Northwestern University. “Surprising Discovery: Multicellular Response Is ‘All For One’.” Science Daily 10 May 2008.

 C. elegans – the worm this study was based on — is one of the least complex life forms on Earth, with 958 cells.  Today, mirable dictu, we discover they can rally together against a common adversary.

 We already knew from You Tube that lions can collectively out-pull a crocodile in a tug-of-war; and then, moments later, water buffalo can dramatically overwhelm those same lions to save a calf. See “Battle at Kruger”, .

 What lessons might Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama learn from these examples?