The death-spiral of the Greek economy is a “vicious circle” of more austerity, more economic contraction, more unemployment (already at 16%), less borrowing and hiring by businesses, increased foreclosures, and less tax revenue.

There are parallels:

An aircraft that has lost lift spins towards earth at increasing speed.

A weight-loss diet requires a daily reduction in calories larger than the number of excess daily calories that caused the weight to be gained.


Pig farmers in Iowa and Minnesota who are suffering from a rash of thefts should install “LoJack” –type devices in selected hogs.  This is the farm equivalent of banks utilizing exploding dye-packs in bundles of paper currency.

Tattoos on pig ears won’t work if stolen hogs go straight to a "chop" -shop.  And of course, if farmers do not count their hogs until they are big enough to be sold, or the couple hundred purloined from a “finishing barn” are not ones carrying tracking devices, then LoJack won’t work, either.


Small donors who made 25% of Obama’s campaign contributions in 2008 are largely absent from the rolls in his re-election bid.  Interviews indicate frustration with his being too conciliatory with Republicans, or failing to obtain results.  This may also reflect what I call a psychological phenomenon of “blaming the messenger”.

There are smaller examples of this, as well.  In Brattleboro, Vermont, the wine adviser at the co-op shot his manager to death for giving him a poor performance evaluation. The accused apparently had no criminal record and displayed no overt signs of stress prior to the incident.

A woman who had difficulty finding a romantic mate learned she was not the issue; it was finding someone compatible despite her imperfections.