In Virginia, this conduct would be grounds for divorce based on cruelty; and it would also be a crime.
It is unclear from the article if the “judicial inquiry” is civil or criminal.
I wonder if the victim in Egypt can escape her marriage.

Egyptian woman says husband sold her kidney from

An Egyptian woman has brought a case against her husband for allegedly drugging her and arranging for one of her kidneys to be removed and sold on the black market, local media reported on Saturday.

A judicial enquiry has been launched in the Nile Delta town of Menufiya after Warda Mohammed el-Banna said her husband Saad Helmi had her operated on after a pretend motorcycle accident, the opposition Al-Wafd daily said.

Her husband allegedly gave her a glass of drugged orange juice and said they were going out to see relatives. The woman said she passed out en route and woke up in a private hospital in the up-market Cairo district of Heliopolis.

He explained her scars by saying she had been operated on after they had an accident, but a few days later Banna started feeling weak and tests revealed she was missing a kidney.

Her husband is accused of selling the kidney on Egypt’s thriving black market for human organs for 15,000 Egyptian pounds (2,730 dollars, 1,850 euros).

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