16 August 2010 UPDATE: Philip H. Markoff committed suicide yesterday in his Connecticut jail, on the day after what would have been the one-year anniversary of his marriage. He had allegedly written the name of his fiancé in blood on the wall of his cell.

            22 April 2009 UPDATE: Further news reports render the guilt of Philip H. Markoff (the accused Boston Craigslist killer) as probable as that of Phil Spector in Los Angeles. (See April 14 blog: “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”). 

            In Markoff’s case, it is alleged that –

            1.         He had access to the computer from which the alleged killer of Julissa Brisman arranged the fatal encounter. (He may even have owned it.)

            2.         His cell phone number appeared on Brisman’s cell phone in the hours before she died.

            3.         He changed email addresses immediately after Brisman’s death. (Hmm, would that be trying to cover tracks?)

            4.         Closed-circuit security videos display someone bearing a striking resemblance to Markoff walking away from each crime calmly studying a cell phone.

            5.         A search warrant of Markoff’s residence produced a handgun, duct tape, and the same type of plastic ties found at the scenes of the Brisman murder and the robbery. There is no word yet on who owned the gun, or whether the three bullets that killed Brisman came from it. But if either connection is established; game over! Actually, it may already be over.

            6.         Markoff had significant casino debt.


            Why would Markoff – attending a top medical school — take such risk?  Maybe, as this blog has suggested in the cases of Spector, Spitzer and Madoff before him; he had some sort of addictive personality disorder causing him to gamble away his life. He certainly wouldn’t be the first.      


The AP reported yesterday from Florida that two prisoners accused of committing an armed robbery together had been accidentally placed in the same jail cell.


            What a mistake! The “[c]ellmates escaped by ripping out a sink and toilet combination from the wall with a jack [one of them] apparently stole from a county van during a previous court appearance. They crawled through the hole in the wall, dug under a fence and got through a second barrier.” Then they allegedly killed the grandmother of one of the escapees before stealing her car.

            They have been re-arrested.


            Philip H. Markoff, the man charged with murder in connection with Craigslist ads for masseuse and prostitute trysts at high-end Boston hotels was a second-year medical student at Boston University, and was engaged to be married to Megan McAllister.


            The vignettes dramatically contrast the competence of law enforcement personnel:

            The three (3) monumental errors in Florida were – apparently — leaving a jack in a prisoner transport vehicle; failing to observe an inmate carrying a jack into his jail cell; and housing that person with his alleged partner in crime.

            The Boston triumph, according to a news report, was due in part to the rapidity with which police detectives established an electronic trail between Internet advertiser-victims and the alleged perpetrator of these horrific crimes.