I utilize the following third-party providers for communication and storage of client files, documents and communications utilizing encryption:

  • Box
    This cloud storage offers advantages:  Box encrypts files on their server, which is critical.  I can “mirror” or synchronize folders on my hard drive, resulting in real-time backup on the fly.  In other words, any change to a file in one location is automatically copied to the other  location.  As a result, I can access files from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, and so can my client.  This access granted clients or counsel may include permission to view, download and upload files within a time limit and scope of privileges defined by me.  When a client is buiding a folder for me, I can Email a special address which allows clients to add files directly to their folders.  Throughout these processes, the Box Website tracks all activity.
  • HP Enterprise Voltage Secure Mail (by request)
    Email and attachments can be sent to clients in encrypted form.  If a client types a reply into the incoming communication and attaches files, those return to me in encrypted form as well.

I reviewed the Terms of Service for these providers and is satisfied that they provide encryption to protect privileged materials to the extent required by law.


Meeting Locations

My office space is always arranged by the hour in DC, MD and Virginia.  I always pay for the location rental.  Clients never pay for this.  I reserve most of my conference rooms through Liquid Space.  Generally, locations offer parking, ADA accessibility, receptionist, and Wi-Fi.  I try to select places as close as possible to a client’s home or business.  I do not have permanent offices or staff at the addresses where I meet clients.

The technical term for my type of law office without walls is a virtual law practice.

Two of my favorite addresses for meeting clients are:

Farragut Square
1025 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036


8300 Greensboro Dr
Mclean, VA  22102