Legal services are provided in all state and federal courts of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia by flat fee, contingent fee (percentage) or hourly rate.

Each practice area is discussed on a separate page, with our definition of key terms, a description of services offered, and other useful information. Here is an overview of each page:

Spousal Abuse, Divorce, Custody, Visitation and Support

  • We handle assault and battery, cruelty, spousal abuse, divorce, custody, visitation, alimony, child support, name change and division of property. This is more than fifty percent of our practice. All Virginia support and division of property forms are software generated, and available via e-mail. Flat fee pricing is usually available for uncontested (no-fault) divorces, property and support settlement agreements, and name changes.

Personal Injury

  • Auto accidents account for most injury cases. We also deal with product liability, wrongful death, medical and legal malpractice, harassment, lemon law, libel and slander, attorney malpractice and medical negligence.


  • Our cases involve discrimination based on age (over age 40 replaced by under 40), race, sex, religion, physical or mental disability, or national origin under state or federal law.

Wills and Trusts

  • We use the latest software to create a will, trust, durable power of attorney, living will, insurance trust, medical directive, A/B trust, or revocable trust. Please contact us for a free quote.

General Legal Services

  • Occasionally, attorney time can be estimated at the start, as in a name change, writing a complaint letter, preparing wills and trusts, evicting a tenant, or drafting a lease. We may quote a flat fee or cap in those situations. Otherwise, legal services are performed at an hourly rate or on a contingent fee.

Legal Plans

  • We participate in the following legal plans. In some, the client pays only costs. In others, clients pay costs plus a reduced hourly rate.
  • We hold the strong belief that legal plans, usually designed like health insurance in that they are based on a monthly payment through your place of work, are not just the greatest value to working people at all income levels. They also represent the wave of the future for the legal profession. We predict that plans like these will in the next ten years take over legal services the way HMO’s revolutionized the practice of medicine.
  • Accepted Plans:
  • Usually, you will telephone your plan, verify your coverage includes the services you seek (obtain a claim number if you are using Hyatt), and then call our office. If the work we do is covered by your plan then we are paid by the plan or by you at a reduced hourly rate.

Other Services

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